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Christopher James Dixon
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A letter from Rakesh Mohan to Tony Little

  • HEA-HEA/11-HEA/11/2-HEA/11/2/7-HEA/11/2/7/1
  • Pièce
  • 25/01/1999
  • Fait partie de Headmasters

A letter (A) from O.O. Rakesh Mohan ('66) to the Headmaster Tony Little regarding his contribution to the QET seat appeal. Enclosed is Rakesh Mohan's C.V. (B to E).

Rakesh Mohan

Headmaster's Annual Report 1965-1966

  • HEA-HEA/15-HEA/15/1-HEA/15/1/22
  • Pièce
  • Winter 1966
  • Fait partie de Headmasters

Annual report for the year 1965-1966, including the school numbers, staff changes, Activities, Health, Accomodation, Old Oakhamians, Circular 10/65, General Remarks. With 2 appendixes: A-Levels individual results and report on conference "Life in Industry"

John Buchanan