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Entry book

A notebook with names and dates of entry for Common Entrance and Junior Entrance for girls and boys, day pupils and boarders, recording the entry fees. Nineteen pages A to S.

Oakham School


This file focusses on various documents relating to the history of the C.C.F. and the School Cadets, which do not fit in any other theme file.

Oakham School


This sub-series relates to the history of the Cadets at Oakham School since 1910. The bulk of the collection is made of photographs of inspection throughout the 20th century.

Oakham School

O.T.C./J.T.C./C.C.F. and Scouts

This series relates to the history of Oakham School Army, Naval and Air Force contingents since 1910, and of the Boy Scouts. Most of the collection is made of photographs from the mid-20th century.

Oakham School

John David Buchanan

This series focusses on the headmastership of John David Buchanan (1958-1977) and contains items relating to the life at School in the 1960s and 1970s, its staff and pupils. The bulk of the series consists of books, publications, letters, speeches and sermons written by Mr Buchanan himself.

John Buchanan