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John Buchanan Old Oakhamian Magazine
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Oakhamian Magazines

  • OAK
  • Subarquivo
  • 1884 - 2023

An almost complete collection of Oakham School magazines dating from 1884. Some editions are available as individuals whilst others can be found in larger bound volumes. There is also a collection of the Old Oakhamian magazine which is a separate school magazine for Old Oakhamians and their news.

This magazine covers all aspects of school life. Sporting, academic, and artistic achievements of the pupils are celebrated alongside news updates from various departments. In later issues, c. 1980s, houses are given space to announce news and in house achievements.

Sporting records are a key component of the magazine since its inception and there are accounts of matches (including scores and teams) in each edition. Again, since the 1980s, focus has shifted to also include all of the teams that compete for the school, instead of just focusing on the A team.

Images and photographs start to appear in the magazines from the 1970s and the magazine was first printed fully in colour in the 1990s.

Oakham School

The Oakhamian Magazine, Vol. 207, 2020-2021

The Oakhamian Magazine and The Old Oakhamian Magazine, recording the academic year 2020-2021. Contents: The Headmaster Writes; News; New Faces; New Roles; Cover Story - Together Apart; Academic; Performing Arts; Trips and Activities; Community; Sport; Old Oakhamian.

Oakham School

The Oakhamian Magazine, Vol. 173, Summer Term 2005

The Oakhamian Magazine and The Old Oakhamian Magazine, recording the Summer term 2005. Contents: School Notes; Features; Academic; Pastoral; Sport; Beyond Oakham; The Old Oakhamian; The Foundation.

Oakham School

The Old Oakhamian, No.39, 1977

A5 magazine, white cover with the badge of the school on the cover; 56 pages; contents listed on the inside cover: Editorial, This Year's President, Annual Dinner, Annual General Meeting and O.O. Day, Regional Meetings, School News, Development Programme 1963-1977, New Sources of Income for the School, O.O. News, Engagements, Marriages, Births, Deaths, Obituaries, New Members, Address Changes, Masonic Lodge, Notices, Diary Dates, Golf, Corresondence, Stop Press; with a photograph of Richard Bull and his wife Anna, a portrait o M.T.D. Squires

Oakham School

The Old Oakhamian, No.47, 1985 - Quatercentenary Commemorative Issue

A5 magazine, red cover with the badge of the school on the cover; 85 pages; contents listed inside: Editorial, This Year's President, Richard Bull, O.O. Quatercentenary Dinner, A.G.M. and O.O. Day, Regional Reunions, 1984 - A Personal View, The Royal Visit, A Pilot through the Shoals, Life in the Twenties and the Eighties, School News, O.O. News, New Members, Address Changes, Engagements, MArriages, Births, Deaths, Obituaries, O.O. Golfing Society, O.O. Rifle Club, O.O. Masonic Lodge, Notices, Club Colours/School Shop, Rugby Fixtures, Diary Dates, Late News, J.D.B.'s "An Oakham Overture to Poetry", Centre Section - Oakham School Campus 1985; with photographs of the Royal Visit, portraits of Graham Smallbone, S.G. Schanschieff, a photograph of 5 old masters; with a loose document:a programme of the Old Oakhamian Day 08/06/1985; bottom o page 77 has been cut off

Oakham School

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