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  • CUR
  • Deelarchief
  • 1926 - 2020

This collection highlights the depth and breadth of the school's curriculum and pupil's work. The drama and music sub-series are particularly detailed with their collection of production stills and programmes.

CUR/7 contains reports relating to the school's teaching and curriculum alongside timetables for lessons and exams, and comprehensive examination results for GCSE, A Level and IB.

Throughout the series in this collection, there is material relating to events and trips undertaken by various departments to increase the extra-curricular activities of pupils.

Oakham School

Costume and Objects

  • COB
  • Deelarchief
  • 1919 - 2018

This collection consists of the mainly the non-paper aspects of the archives collection. The collection is random in its make up but has a good material collection which highlights the changing nature of the school's uniform.

Items in this collection range in material type and stem from a variety of sources such as the Quatercentenary celebrations or items that were once used daily on the school grounds (such as building plaques or clock hands).

Oakham School

Peter Witchell

  • PEW
  • Deelarchief
  • 1967 - 2018

A collection of the musical works, correspondence and ephemera of former Oakham music director Peter Witchell. This series contains an excellent collection of full and single instrument scores.

Oakham School


  • EVT
  • Deelarchief
  • 1960 - 2021

This collection focuses on major events that have occurred to the school and its pupils. This includes the Quatercentenary celebrations and the school's reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Quatercentenary celebrations compromised of several events including the visit to the school by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Quatercentenary ball, and special productions to celebrate the recent opening of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

There is a detailed series on the school's Speech Day which includes a comprehensive list of programmes and award winners from the ceremony.

There is a excellent record of items showing how the school reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is general communication to parents and staff, information on the structure of face to face and distance learning teaching, and also an illuminating collection of photographs taken by Ms. Fernandez in 2021.

Oakham School

Old Oakhamian Club

  • OOC
  • Deelarchief
  • 1584 - 2020

This collection charts the history and activities of the Old Oakhamian Club. It has excellent records of dinners and events thrown by the club such as reunions, international dinners and Oakham events. Most of the documents are administrative, but there are photographs and correspondence material too.

There are good records on the school's foundation and the club's golfing society. Most of the material has been produced by the Old Oakhamian club or the foundation. Thus, there is a good record of publications and marketing material relating to these events.

Oakham School


  • PUP
  • Deelarchief
  • 1620 - 2021

This collection highlights the work and life of Oakham School pupils both during and after their time at the school. The collection has an excellent representation of the careers, work, and exam aspect of school life, including examination results, leaver destinations, work experience and information on Project 20/20.

There are detailed records on the council, Decem and prefects, particularly in their recruitment, meeting minutes, and handbooks.

In several of the series, there is a strong photographic collection illuminating the rich daily life of the school and its pupils. This is shared alongside copies of pupil magazines, arts calendars, and records of pupil achievements.

Oakham School

4/5th Battalion The Royal Leicestershire Regiment Anniversary Dinner

  • WWS-WWS/1-WWS/1/5-WWS/1/5/7
  • Bestanddeel
  • 10/10/2015
  • Part of The World Wars

A booklet from the event including: photo of the 1/4th regiment at Luton in 1914, their signature, the wine list and menu for the dinner, an inscription from the Hohenzollern Memorial and the provenance of 12 candlesticks. There are several inserts including: a thank you for your attendance note to Jon Wills, A flyer for the special Evensong in Leicester Cathedral to commemorate the battle and a letter to Jon Wills with some information on the battle, OOs, the dinner and the evensong. 4 ITEMS

News cuttings of the War

  • WWS-WWS/1-WWS/1/5-WWS/1/5/1
  • Stuk
  • 1914-08-31 - 1916-06-11
  • Part of The World Wars

Blue hard cover newspaper cuttings album relating to the First World War

Buchanan Family

Zonder titel

  • WWS-WWS/1-WWS/1/5-WWS/1/5/7-WWS/1/5/7/3
  • Bestanddeel
  • 13/10/2015
  • Part of The World Wars

Leicester Cathedral

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