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A letter from Graham Smallbone

A letter from the Headmaster Graham Smallbone to T.M. Reay, Mrs Wheway, Roger Blackmore and the Housekeepers, containing the minutes of a meeting regarding OSEL, conferences and support to house staff. Two pages A and B.

Graham Smallbone

The National Youth Orchestra

This file relates to the National Youth Orchestra, in particular their newsletters in 1993 and 1994, and their stay at Oakham School in August 1993.

National Youth Orchestra

A letter from Michael de Grey to Roger Blackmore

  • AB-AB/24-AB/24/5-AB/24/5/1-AB/24/5/1/2
  • Pièce
  • 24/08/1993
  • Fait partie de Anna Bentley

A letter from Michael de Grey to Roger Blackmore regarding the National Youth Chamber Orchestra staying at Oakham School and some difficulties with practical details such as catering.

Michael de Grey

Headmaster's Annual Report

  • HEA-HEA/15-HEA/15/1-HEA/15/1/8
  • Pièce
  • 12/11/1986
  • Fait partie de Headmasters

A headmaster's annual report fro the year 1984-1985, including School year, Second Master's report, Registrar's report, Registration, Director of Studies' report, Scholarships, Christopher Dixon Prize, Universities Entries, Exam results, Departments, Prep Schools Liaison Report, Houses, Examination Administration, Drama and the theatre, Careers, Chaplaincy, A.V.A. Centre, Ashburton Hall, Sanatorium, Library, School Council, Oakhamian, Old Oakhmian Club, Nursery School, Playing Fields, Sports Cnetre, Afternoon Activities and Societies, , Exploration Society, Teaching staff, OSEl and Public Relations; with appendix: Exams results, numbers on university entrance, Scholarship awards, bursaries. Items A to AD

Graham Smallbone

The Oakhamian, Vol. CX, Summer Term 1980

Magazine named The Oakhamian, stappled; a photograph of pupils in the Quad on the cover; 116 pages; contents: Editorial, School News, T.C.S.H., Chapel Notes, Profiles, Correspondence, Creative Writing, Expeditions and Adventures, Art and Design, Music, Drama, Societies, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh Award Activities Sport, School Officials with photographs of sporting events, plays, expedition, The 1860 Cricket team

Oakham School

The Oakhamian, Vol. CXIX, Winter and Spring Terms 1985-1986

Magazine named The Oakhamian, stappled;details of a drawing showing hands and guitars on the cover; 76 pages; contents: Editorial, School News, Charities and Community Service, Feature "Little Boxes", Drama, Music, Societies, Adventures Abroad, C.CF. and Duke of Edinburgh Award Activities, Sport; with various photographs of staff, pupils, buildings, plays, trips, sports

Oakham School

The Old Oakhamian, No.48, 1986

A5 magazine, white cover with the red badge of the school on the cover; 72 pages; contents listed inside: Editorial, This Year's President, Annual Dinner, O.O. Day, Regional Reunions, O.O.'s Visited in Australia, An Aussie at Oakham, School News, O.O. News, New Members, Address Changes, Engagements, Marriages, Births, Deaths, Obituaries, Rifle Club, Masonic Lodge, Club Colours/School Shop, Notices, Rugby Fixtures, Diary Dates, Careers; with a portrait of T.P. Young, a photograph of the London and Home Counties Dinner at The East India Club, a photograph of the succesful Oxbridge Candidates in front of College House; a map of campus in the central section; with a loose programme of Old Oakhamian Day 14/06/1986

Oakham School

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