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Anna Bentley Roger Blackmore
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Anna Bentley

  • AB
  • Subarquivo
  • 1958 - 2011

A collection of material from Anna Bentley's office including some school trophies, specially produced Oakham School dictionaries, entry books for the school, financial accounts, exam results, and correspondence. Most of the material in this collection relates to work completed in the marketing, administrative and foundation departments of the school.

Anna Bentley

Quatercentenary Appeal

A brochure promoting the Quatercentenary Appeal. Contents: Change and Continuity; Achievements and developments-past & future; Appeal Objectives; The Way Ahead; How to Contribute.

Oakham School

A letter from Graham Smallbone

A letter from the Headmaster Graham Smallbone to T.M. Reay, Mrs Wheway, Roger Blackmore and the Housekeepers, containing the minutes of a meeting regarding OSEL, conferences and support to house staff. Two pages A and B.

Graham Smallbone

A letter from Graham Smallbone and Roger Blackmore

A letter (A) from Graham Smallbone, Headmaster, and Roger Blackmore, Joint Secretary of the the Old Oakhamian Club, inviting Old Oakhamians to a special reunion. Attached is a reply slip (B).

Graham Smallbone

Letters from Graham Smallbone

Four identical letters (A to D) from Headmaster Graham Smallbone and four other members of staff - Roger Blackmore, Nigel Webb, John Buchanan and Rev Terence Treanor- to Old Oakhamians. Attached is a mailing list (E).

Graham Smallbone

A letter from Roger Blackmore to Peter Buckingham

A letter from Roger Blackmore to Peter Buckingham, former member of the Shooting VIII, regarding a possible donation to support the 1993 Development Plan and the building of a new Information and Study Centre.

Roger Blackmore

The National Youth Orchestra

This file relates to the National Youth Orchestra, in particular their newsletters in 1993 and 1994, and their stay at Oakham School in August 1993.

National Youth Orchestra

Visit of the National Youth Chamber Orchestra, 1993

  • AB-AB/24-AB/24/5
  • Sub-File
  • 1991 - 1994
  • Parte de Anna Bentley

This sub-file focusses on the stay of the National Youth Chamber Orchestra at Oakham School in August 1993, including details of the arrangements, correspondence, and programmes of their performances at Peterborough Cathedral, The Maltings, Oakham School Chapel, and The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Roger Blackmore

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