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Anna Bentley

  • AB
  • Subarquivo
  • 1958 - 2011

A collection of material from Anna Bentley's office including some school trophies, specially produced Oakham School dictionaries, entry books for the school, financial accounts, exam results, and correspondence. Most of the material in this collection relates to work completed in the marketing, administrative and foundation departments of the school.

Anna Bentley


  • STF-STF/6
  • Sub-Series
  • 2005 - 2020
  • Parte de Staff

Oakham School


  • AB-AB/26-AB/26/1-AB/26/1/1
  • Sub-sub-file
  • 1984-06-29 - 1984-07-05
  • Parte de Anna Bentley

Three letters relating to OSEL delivering their accounts and annual returns.

D.B. Nottage

Minutes of OSEL meeting, 1983

Minutes of an OSEL meeting held on 25 October 1983 at the Headmaster's house. Contents: Minutes; Matters arising; Medical Congress, January 1984; Chess Tournament; Other April events; Activity Holidays 1984; Computer Weekends; Catering budgets and menus. Seventeen pages A to Q.


International Invitation Chess Tournament

  • AB-AB/26-AB/26/5
  • Item
  • 1988-03-27 - 1988-04-06
  • Parte de Anna Bentley

A brochure advertising the International Chess Tournament at Oakham School, including a programme of the event, a map of campus, and photographs of previous competitions.

Oakham School

Sixth Form Medical Congress, 1993

  • AB-AB/26-AB/26/7
  • Item
  • 1993-12-14 - 1993-12-17
  • Parte de Anna Bentley

A brochure for the programme of the 17th Medical Congress at Oakham School, including information for teachers, course booking details, useful books and various photographs of previous events.

Oakham School

A letter from Trevor Case to Alan Grieve

A letter from Trevor Case, Bursar and Clerk to the Trustees, to Alan Grieve, Chairman of OSEL, regarding the deed of covenant between OSEL and the Trustees.

Trevor Case

OSEL correspondence

  • AB-AB/26-AB/26/13
  • Sub-File
  • 1983 - 1986
  • Parte de Anna Bentley

A collection of letters relating to OSEL courses, Activity Holidays and events in the 1980s.

Oakham School

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