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Oakham School Oakham School
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  • CUR
  • Subarquivo
  • 1926 - 2020

This collection highlights the depth and breadth of the school's curriculum and pupil's work. The drama and music sub-series are particularly detailed with their collection of production stills and programmes.

CUR/7 contains reports relating to the school's teaching and curriculum alongside timetables for lessons and exams, and comprehensive examination results for GCSE, A Level and IB.

Throughout the series in this collection, there is material relating to events and trips undertaken by various departments to increase the extra-curricular activities of pupils.

Oakham School


  • HEA
  • Subarquivo
  • 1818 - 2021

Stretching back to the headmastership of Dr. Doncaster, this collection comprehensively covers the correspondence, publications, photographs and other ephemera of the headmasters of Oakham School up to the present day. For many of the headmasters, correspondence and rolls calls are a significant theme in their series.

This collection also contains an excellent record of speeches and sermons given by G. Talbot Griffiths and John Buchanan.

The final series on reports covers the headmaster's, deputy headmaster's and registers writings on the state of the school, including topics such as building and estate development, admissions, the curriculum, examination results, and Old Oakhamians.

Oakham School

Old Oakhamian Club

  • OOC
  • Subarquivo
  • 1584 - 2020

This collection charts the history and activities of the Old Oakhamian Club. It has excellent records of dinners and events thrown by the club such as reunions, international dinners and Oakham events. Most of the documents are administrative, but there are photographs and correspondence material too.

There are good records on the school's foundation and the club's golfing society. Most of the material has been produced by the Old Oakhamian club or the foundation. Thus, there is a good record of publications and marketing material relating to these events.

Oakham School


  • ADM
  • Subarquivo
  • 1871 - 2021

This collection focuses on the administrative side of the school including admissions and trustees.

There is a rich collection of admissions books dating back to the 19th century alongside detailed notes of Trustees' committee minutes and development plans.

School inspections undertaken by external bodies are represented in this sub-fond and include some of the 19th century schemes which helped to found the school as one independent from Uppingham.

ADM/4 contains policy documents outlining the health and safety measures in the school.

Oakham School

Photographic and Art Collection

  • PHA
  • Subarquivo
  • 1926 - 2016

A collection of photographs and artworks of the school campus and buildings, and pupils and staff.

There is one series dedicated to a large collection of photographic negatives which show the campus, daily life at school, and special events. These cover the period 1978 - 1988.

One series focus on the frescoes painted by Mary Sargant Florence in Old School and is rich in research about the frescoes and the artist.

Oakham School

Charity and Outreach

  • CAO
  • Subarquivo
  • 1985 - 2021

This collection covers the charity and outreach work undertaken by Oakham School's staff and pupils.

There are sub-series focusing on OSCA (the school's charity association), the Rutland Water Walk, Voluntary Action, and interaction with local prep schools.

Photographic and administrative material are particularly dominant in this sub-fonds.

Oakham School

Fee Book

Book with a leather cover, containing fees for each term between Eater 1976 and Christmas 1879 with lists of parents/gardians' names, pupils' names, residence, age, fees for entrance, registration, tuition and lessons; with looses pages for receits

Oakham School

School Accounts

A book, hard blue cover, with balance, receipts, fees.

Oakham School

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