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Oxford Univerity
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The Concise Oxford Dictionary

Concise Oxford Dictionary, new edition for the 1990s with thumb index presentation edition, with red bonded leather with gilt edges and Oakham School crest on the cover.

Clarendon Press

A letter from Kaye Grosvenor to Jill Harris

  • STF-STF/5-STF/5/2-STF/5/2/4-STF/5/2/4/9
  • Pièce
  • 06/02/2006
  • Fait partie de Staff

A letter from Kaye Grosvenor, Secondary Sales Support Assistant at Oxford University Press, to Jill Harris confirming the visit of John Rick to the school

Kaye Grosvenor

Concise Oxford Dictionary

Two Oxford dictionaries binded for Oakham School; one red and one black.

Clarendon Press

A letter from Emma Choules to Jill Harris

  • STF-STF/5-STF/5/2-STF/5/2/4-STF/5/2/4/7
  • Pièce
  • 15/01/2008
  • Fait partie de Staff

A letter from Emma Choules, at Oxford University Press, to Jill Harris confirming Pamela Baker's visit to the school

Emma Choules

Book of Common Prayer

  • CHA-CHA/1-CHA/1/2-CHA/1/2/15
  • Pièce
  • 1928
  • Fait partie de Chapel

A small blue Book of Common Prayer stamped Oakham School Chapel Council, with the stamp in the front crossed out and signed 'This is no longer O.S.C.C,. property J.E.O.Lawson Head Sacristan', presented by David Clarkson (O.O. 1964)

Oxford University Press


  • HEA-HEA/6
  • Série
  • 1929 - 1956
  • Fait partie de Headmasters

Francis Cecil Doherty


  • HEA-HEA/7-HEA/7/2-HEA/7/2/1
  • Pièce
  • 1935
  • Fait partie de Headmasters

A prospectus' for the school including staff list, trustees, the history of the school, information on the timetable, uniform, holidays, chapel, boarding, curriculum, Libraries, games, admission, scholarships, day boys and pocket money. Includes some photographs of the school; with a list of corrections inserted and an admissions form. Items A to C

Oakham School

The Concise Oxford Dictionary

A copy of the revised eleventh edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the eleventh edition, with a black cover.

Oxford University Press


  • STF-STF/5-STF/5/2
  • Dossier
  • 1943 - 2010
  • Fait partie de Staff

Joseph G. Osipoff

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